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We absolutely love good food. We work closely with our local farmers and fishermen to ensure that only the freshest local produce is used in our dishes. We buy fish straight from the boat in Peterhead, fruit and veg from the farm when in season and only buy pure bred Aberdeen Angus beef from the lovely people at the award winning Store, 5 minutes away in Foveran.

Everything from cheese to coffee and ice cream is sourced locally.




Like our food, we have a range of wines, beers and spirits to cater or most taste. 

We stock a fantastic range of Whisky and beers including locally sourced Glen Garioch distilled in Old Meldrum, a single malt whisky from one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland dating back to 1779 and craft beer from Brewdog, whose brewery is only 10 minutes away in Ellon.

The Cocktail list is a concise at 10 fabulous drinks that are simply modern twists on old classics.

We are very proud of our

Cocktail & Wine List

The wine list is also straight forward and affordable. We have complied an offer that delivers great examples of the classic grapes and regions, recognisable, and with no flowery language that makes no sense. It does exactly what it says on the tin

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