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Visit to the Brewdog Brewery

1 December 2016

Recently the White Horse staff had an exciting opportunity to take part in a Brew dog brewery tour.

As we entered the bar area it was clear this was a quirky place where anyone could kick back and relax with some good quality craft beer. From speaking to the Brewdog team members it became apparent they were all extremely knowledgeable and eager about the beers they sell and the company they work for. The bar itself was surprisingly busy, considering its not central, packed with people and dogs. They have no TV’s or newspapers, we were told that one of Brewdog’s main goals is to get people together to socialise and indulge in fantastic beer!

We unfortunately turned up a little late due to an incident on the road, however, the staff were extremely helpful and rushed us through to get  us onto the beginning of the tour that we would have otherwise missed. It is astonishing how the brewery and bar are literally a minutes walk apart.

Upon entering the brewery we were taken into a very open plan office, decorated in funky graffiti art over all the walls, there were also soundproof containers for meeting rooms. We then came across an amazing timeline from 2007 where the Brewdog first began creating craft beer to 2016 showing a huge achievement in how much they have grown.





The most interesting part of the tour was seeing where all the magic happened (the beer making process). They have huge tanks where the yeast and malts are added in different stages to give the beers their unique taste. Their most popular beers being Punk IPA, 5AM, Saint, Jet Black Heart, King Pin and Dead Pony. They have made over 80 different beers since starting up in 2007, with each one tasting completely different and paired with a fantastically crazy name.

At the end of the tour, we were taken through to the staff room which was very laid back environment. It had photos of all employees on the wall and a small café. They also have comfy sofas and an American shuffle board so they can truly kick back, relax and enjoy their breaks.

This was definitely a great opportunity to taste some of Brewdog’s headliners and to finish off we was taken back through to the bar to indulge in some new favourites and if you aren’t a beer lover, this tour would not be wasted on you, Brewdog have a fruity beer called strawberry blitz, proving that they have something to suit every taste!

So, as the title suggests, Brewdog have more than just beer going on within the brewery  and were excited to introduce us to the Lonewolf brand, they are in the process of making Whisky, vodka and Gin which will be available soon...ish! as whisky takes at least three years to process it wont be launched until nearer 2020 however, the Vodka and the Gin will be with us in the beginning of the year.


From this experience, it is clear that Brewdog’s employees are remarkably enthusiastic about their company and it is apparent that Brewdog focus on bringing people together, creating an environment where you can appreciate each others company while enjoying good beer!

It truly is more than “just beer”.

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