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30 June 2016

The White Horse


Welcome to the White Horse monthly blog. We will be sharing everything we've been up to throughout the month and give you a heads up with any future events.  

Well, what a busy month… It started with the much anticipated summer menu launch and the 2 course for £10 lunch menu. Our lunch menu is also now available on a Saturday.  Feed back has been phenomenal, we are so pleased you are loving it. Please keep us informed with your favourite dishes and review us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Horsebalmedie or send us a pic on Instagram @horsebalmedie 



We invited all the lovely ladies to come and enjoy an afternoon of cocktails and canapés and what we lacked in numbers they definitely made up in personality, what an afternoon, at one point the Ladies had the whole lounge singing! Thank you for making our event so special. Along side this we had a raffle to raise money for breast cancer uk, local small businesses in Balmedie rallied together and very generously donated a myriad of gifts which raised £270 for our charity . Thank you all so much. 

 Keep an eye out for future events on our Facebook page. 

It was Father's Day on the 19th, did  you come for dinner? What a spread the chefs put on for your dads, enough to please any mans stomach we are sure! Did any of you treat your dads to the whisky tasting night on the 1st of July? Let us know what you thought, do you have a new favourite? Send us your pics. 


July will also see two events back to back to raise money for another two fantastic charities, on the 23rd there is a race night being hosted in the function room raising money for the Archie foundation. Tickets are available to purchase at the reception. Visit the event page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/965462573570376/?ti=ic


On the 24th of July we will be co-hosting ‘Sizzle and Shine’ with ocd valeting and detailing services. Sizzle and Shine is a charity car washing event raising money for clan house. Bring the family, grab a burger and get your car washed. Sunday's can't get any better surely! visit the event page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/636131313209634/


Meet the Team  

Every month we will be shining a spot light on one member of our fabulous team.                      

June is all about Carly Main.


My name is Carly Main and I am 18 years old. I've been working as a waitress at The White Horse for 2 years now and have recently started to work behind the bar. In the past few weeks I have finished my final year at school and finished all my exams. I am currently in the process of saving and planning my gap year in which I'll be away traveling mainly Asia, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. After my gap year finishes next August my plans are to head to university to study Physiotherapy. From a young age I have been a competitive dancer and I still manage to to attend 3 dance classes a week around my busy work schedule. 


     1)What's your favourite quote  

" You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, 

Love like you'll never be hurt, 

Sing like there's nobody listening,  

And live like it's heaven on earth" - William W.Purkey 


    2)Who's  your hero? 

Cliche, but my mum, she's a very hard working lady and is always there to support me and my family.  


    3) What's your biggest fear?

Not getting to achieve everything I want to.


    4) What really makes you angry? 

When people chew really loudly!! 


    5) what is your proudest accomplishment? 

Completing my India expedition, working on a project to help some of the less fortunate children and climbing the 2nd highest peak in South India!  


    6) Whats your favourite book? 

 I've read a lot of books so I'm not sure if I have a favourite but if I had to pick, I loved reading The Hunger Games collection. 


    7) What would you sing at karaoke night?  

 Valerie or Dancing Queen  


    8 ) have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

I've never really had a nickname however when I was little my family and all of their friends used to call me polly pocket as I was so small!!  


    9) How would your friends describe you? 

 Organised, Determined, Bubbly, Confident, Motivated. 


  10) if you had describe yourself as an animal, what would you be?  

 A Dolphin.




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